Happy St Patrick’s Day…

Happy St Patrick’s Day one and all. Although I’m an Englishman, I felt no shame in wearing green today as I visited the Carlow Parade with my two Irish Daughters. As we’ve seen… Continue reading

Sam McCauley’s Photo Portrait Session

The photo-day was yesterday 8th March, and it was a great success. The props I bought in were very popular with the kids and I had as much fun as they did. These… Continue reading

The awkward self portrait…

Maybe it’s just me. Selfies are everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I see plenty at work in the Photo Lab, and there are Flickr pages dedicated to high quality self portraits. After reading about… Continue reading

New Year, New Project…

I’ve read a lot recently about people’s New Year’s Resolutions, whether it’s to give up smoking, go on a diet or go to the gym more. We photographers tend to think a little… Continue reading

Jpeg or Raw?

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this conundrum for years. I have read so much information about it since I first went digital, and it just gets more and more… Continue reading

Are you on Flickr?

I’ve been signed up to Yahoo’s Flickr website for a good few years now. For those who don’t know, it is a photo sharing website, possibly the original photo sharing website. I had… Continue reading

The eyes have it…

I am fascinated with eyes. Human eyes, animal eyes, bird eyes. The old cliché “The eyes are the window to the soul” has always interested me, and I like to explore this in… Continue reading

Rathwood Forest Trail

The Photo-shoot I had planned at Rathwood, near Tullow, County Carlow, had to be canceled due to my model having injured herself. Get well soon Sarah. Never having been to the location, I… Continue reading

Up to 10 already…

I’m still learning this whole Blog thing. I’m still finding my way around the features of WordPress, who are hosting my website. I just discovered the “Trophy” page and it  turns out I… Continue reading

Just take the damn photo…

was trying to take a photo of my daughter recently. I wanted to get a close up of her eyes, focusing on her eyelashes. All I wanted her to do, was to stand… Continue reading